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    Boiler Installation

    Installing a new boiler or central heating system can make a huge difference within your home.

    It’ll work more effectively and efficiently than your old boiler, taking less time to heat your home and saving you money on running costs. This means that a new boiler is often a great investment as, provided it’s maintained properly, you should see the benefits for years to come. We’re able to install boilers from a wide range of manufacturers for a competitive price.

    Why have a new boiler?

    Why have a new boiler?
    A new boiler will benefit from modern technological advances that have been made since the installation of your current boiler, so it will do a better job of heating your home. A new boiler can achieve a better conversion rate of fuel into heat, meaning it can heat your home quicker. Many people find that a new boiler is more economical, saving you money on running costs.
    Upgrade to smart controls
    New boilers can give you greater control over your central heating system. By installing smart controls, you can adjust your boiler to suit your needs, saving you from paying for heating when you don’t need it. And, if a new boiler isn’t an option for you right now, in many cases smart controls can be installed to work with your existing boiler.
    Adapt to the needs of your home
    Nowadays many of us adjust and renovate our homes to suit our specific needs. If you’ve added an extension to your property, converted to an open-plan layout, or your family has grown in size, your heating requirements will have changed. Installing a new boiler means that you can meet those new demands.
    Save money on repairs
    If your existing boiler is increasingly unreliable and requires a lot of maintenance, you’ll save time and money by replacing it. If your current boiler is old and replacement parts are getting increasingly difficult to find, it may be better to ditch these costs by upgrading to a modern boiler that provides better value for money.

    Plum-IT are members of Grant UK’s G1 Installer Scheme and are accredited to install a range of Grant’s heating products including their oil boilers and air source heat pumps.  As G1 Installers, Plum-IT are able to access extended guarantees on the Grant products they install and register (subject to T&Cs) including 5 year guarantees on Vortex oil boilers and 10 year guarantees on VortexBlue oil boilers.

    Grant Engineering have been designing and manufacturing efficient heating products for over four decades. Their oil boilers, which have achieved Which? Best Buys for three consecutive years, are popular amongst heating engineers and homeowners alike due to their high-quality build, reliable operation and excellent efficiencies. There are 63 models available within the Vortex and VortexBlue ranges which include internal, external, floor standing, combi and wall-hung variations to provide choice for customers. Each boiler features Grant’s patented heat exchanger technology as well as the latest burner technology, ensuring that every Grant boiler is high performing and effective.

    To read more about Grant’s oil boiler ranges, please follow this link

    Why choose Plum-IT to install your new boiler?

    Expertise and experience
    You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your new boiler has been installed correctly and safely because all our engineers are either OFTEC or Gas Safe registered. Your new boiler will be fully compliant because we’re responsible for the installation in its entirety.
    Competitive pricing
    We regularly benchmark our prices against our competitors to make sure that you pay the best possible price for our installation service. And, if you’re offered a cheaper price elsewhere, contact us and, where possible, we’ll review our price. Choosing us guarantees an excellent service, and competitive prices.
    Fully compliant
    When quoting for your new boiler, we can provide multiple options from a range of brands, so that you can find a boiler that’s the best fit for your property and your budget. We’re trusted by a number of manufacturers, but we’re not pressured into promoting one brand. You get more choice and the best result.
    Convenient quotes
    We make sure that the process remains quick, simple, and straightforward by arranging a visit for a time that’s convenient for you. The quote is provided on a no-obligation, no fee basis.