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    Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating allows you to ditch the radiators, giving your home a sleek, modern look.

    As the heating is spread over a wide area, it heats more evenly and tends to be more energy efficient and, therefore, more cost effective than traditional radiators. Our underfloor heating specialists can design, install, maintain, and repair underfloor heating systems.

    Why have underfloor heating?

    Luxurious feel
    Underfloor heating provides a low, comfortable level of heat that feels extravagant, despite being cost effective. It’s also quiet, compared to radiator heating systems.
    Energy efficient
    Underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature than traditional radiators. This means that, once warm, underfloor heating is often more energy efficient. In many cases, this also means it is more cost effective to run.
    Frees up wall space
    Opting for underfloor heating frees up your wall space to give your home a sleek, spacious, and modern feel.
    Heats evenly
    Since underfloor heating is spread over a wide area, it distributes heat evenly throughout the room. This means, unlike radiators, there are no hot or cold spots. Heat is also retained if a door or window is left open.