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    Electric Heating

    Electric is the fuel of the future for heating requirements. With volatile oil prices and supplies, less and less natural gas and more renewable electricity production, heating your home with an electric heating system will future proof your property

    The Government has set a clear path towards a lower carbon future, with electricity to be generated by nuclear power and sustainable sources such as wind power, solar energy and wave power. Electric heating is 100% efficient and carbon neutral at the point of use, and with electricity being generated by nuclear and renewable sources in the future it will become completely carbon neutral. The Government also promotes the use of micro generation technologies such as solar panels, photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. Electric heating appliances are compatible with all these technologies. As more low carbon and renewable sources of electricity become available we will increasingly see electric heating being favoured over gas and oil.

    Low Installation Costs
    Electric heating is very easy to install. There is no requirement for unsightly pipe work and minimal disruption during installation. Because each electric radiator can work independently, it is easy to add to a system as needed or as budgets permit. Also because each radiator is controlled independently from the system, it allows much better control over room temperatures and energy usage.
    Low Ownership Costs
    The true ownership costs of a heating system should be looked at over a system’s lifetime. Electric heating systems have no moving parts and can be expected to last over 15 years. The boiler industry quotes a lifetime of 10 years for a boiler. Boiler based systems require costly yearly maintenance whereas electric systems are maintenance free. Electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning that all the fuel used is turned into heat, unlike traditional boiler systems where energy is lost through the flue. Gas boiler systems require yearly maintenance and if used within rental properties, landlords are responsible for annual safety inspections. Electric heating does not require any maintenance or safety inspections.
    Comfort and Control
    Significant developments in electric heating have produced systems with highly accurate electronic thermostatic controls, ensuring optimum comfort and only using energy that is needed.

    Plum It Services have partnered with The Electric Heating Company Ltd (EHC) as an Accredited Heating Consultant to provide a competitive product portfolio to accommodate almost any electric heating and hot water requirement. From the intuitive Comet Electric System Boiler, designed to eliminate unnecessary external pipework, to the space saving SlimJim Electric Flow Boiler, EHC Electric Boilers are unrivalled in the Heating and Hot Water Industry.

    EHC’s Domestic Single Phase boilers are available from 4kW to 14.4kW, and Three Phase Boilers range from 12kW to 39kW capacity.

    To read more about EHC’s electric boiler ranges, please follow this link