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    Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs)

    Air source heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air and use it to heat a building. Though it may seem counterintuitive, they’re even able to function when the temperature of the input air is below 0°C, allowing you to benefit all year round.

    There are a number of benefits to installing an air source heat pump, including:

    Reduced energy costs
    Installing an ASHP will save you money on your energy bills by reducing your need to pay for energy from alternative sources.
    Environmentally friendly
    As a renewable energy source, an air source heat pump will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and lessen your impact on the environment.
    Easy to maintain
    ASHPs require minimal maintenance, saving you time and hassle. Unlike other renewable energy technologies, they tend not require any expensive parts to be replaced.
    Long lifespan
    If properly maintained, an air source heat pump can last for up to twenty years. This makes it an ideal, hassle-free source of renewable energy.

    If you do not have the suitable land area for a ground source system, or have a very highly insulated new build property, or if you want heating for an outdoor pool, then an air source heat pump may well be an ideal solution. Air source heat pumps tend to require less work to install than ground source heat pumps and, therefore, have a lower installation cost.

    Air source heat pumps are compatible with both radiator-based and underfloor heating systems and can be used together with most electric boilers, oil-fired boilers or equivalent, when docking to an existing heating/hot water system.

    Plum-IT Services are proud to be Approved Mitsubishi Ecodan Installers.  We are experienced installers for all Mitsubishi Ecodan Products which include the highly efficient all in one Ecodan Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump Systems. When Installed with an Underfloor Heating System these systems are smart, efficient and cost saving.

    Plum-IT is also a member of Grant UK’s G1 Installer Scheme and is accredited to install a range of Grant’s heating products, including their air source heat pumps. As G1 Installers, Plum-IT is able to access extended guarantees on the Grant products they install and register (subject to T&Cs) including 7-year guarantees on Aerona³ R32 air source heat pumps.

    Grant launched its first air source heat pump in 2010 and the Aerona³ R32 models are their fourth generation of heat pumps. Incorporating the more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, the Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump range is Grant’s greenest, most efficient yet. With excellent Seasonal Coefficient of Performance values, the Aerona³ R32 is incredibly efficient while still being compact in size and quiet in operation, with the 13kW and 17kW models being awarded the Quiet Mark. The range consists of four models with outputs ranging from 6kW up to 17kW, and all the heat pumps are MCS approved, making them eligible for the Government’s Domestic RHI Scheme.

    For further information about Grant Aerona³ heat pumps, please click here.