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    Thermal Imaging

    A thermal imaging camera is a powerful leak detection tool that allows heating engineers and plumbers to provide instant diagnostic insights into your central heating system.

    The camera removes the need for expensive and invasive explorative work, such as digging up tiles, as leaks or heating inefficiencies can, in many cases, be quickly located and identified.

    Benefits of using a thermal imaging camera:

    • Find hidden problems faster than other technologies
    • Produce customised reports and validate the quality of repair
    • Detect issues before small problems become more expensive ones
    How can a thermal imaging camera help?
    1. Identify and locate any pipework leaks
    2. Inspect underfloor heating and locate issues
    3. Quick diagnosis of radiator condition and performance
    4. Determine whether central heating requires a power-flush
    Thermal imaging camera leak detection
    An established central heating system can develop leaks from time to time. This can also happen when a high pressure system is fitted to old pipework. These leaks can cause damp patches and loss of pressure in your central heating. With our thermal imaging camera, underfloor leaks can be detected and visually seen on the infrared camera screen.
    Diagnosing radiator condition
    By using a thermal imaging camera, radiator problems are quickly diagnosed. The reading on the camera screen will clearly indicate if the radiator is at fault by detecting how the heat is distributed throughout the radiator. If heat is distributed evenly, the cause of the problem may be elsewhere in your central heating system and, therefore, an expensive power-flush may not be required.
    A picture is worth a thousand words
    One real benefit of a thermal imaging camera is that you don’t have to rely on anyone’s advice. The camera will provide a full image of the situation so you can clearly see any issues yourself on the camera’s screen – then make an informed decision whether to proceed with any plumbing repairs or servicing.